Mental health is the leading condition impacting quality of life for Australians | Only 39% of people with a mental health condition ever seek

3 steps to your Mental Health Check-in

In three steps your Check-in will be complete. It’s easy, private, and tailored uniquely to you.  It’s time to check-in with how you’re tracking.


Complete the Check-in Survey
(you will receive a link to the survey)


Wear the Heart Rate Monitor Overnight
(using the specialised sleep device and smart phone app)


Get your Check-in Results
(Check-in Survey results delivered directly to your inbox, and sleep results to your smartphone)


Australia's Biggest Mental Health Check-in consists of an easy three step process to assess and review your mental health. Don't wait until it is critical - we all need to be aware of our feelings.


Do you know the state of your employees' mental health? ABMH Check-in assesses and identifies potential issues, reducing expenses due to staff absenteeism, promoting productivity and workplace enjoyment.


Help your members help themselves by encouraging them to participate in ABMH Check-in. Did you know that 30% of people who meet the criteria for one mental disorder also meet the criteria for a second?
“This was a really interesting exercise in reflecting on a number of attributes and my response to various matters. It would appear that I am driven, a self starter, determined and focussed on delivering excellence, while at the same time I want to be liked but feel I have too much asked of me."  
“It was quite uplifting, whilst a reminder that I choose to take on a lot of challenge in my life, “it was affirming to be reminded that I have the resolve to cope with the challenges life throws at me. (although I am still working too hard!)    
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
“… due to recent personal events there is a push in our community and circle of friends to be transparent and open about anything happening in our lives. I am undecided, but I may be posting my report for others to read if they want, with an aim to encourage the reduction of stigma surrounding all forms of mental health issues…Thank you…”  
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
“I really appreciate you reaching out to me. I do suffer with anxiety quite a bit, and as you may know, some periods are great and others are horrible. The good thing is, I am feeling good lately, so am just going with the flow right now. However it is very comforting to know that I can reach out to you/your team for some help/guidance to get me through the tougher parts.”  
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
Fortunately, I completed the Mental Health Check while I was in the middle of some personal improvements and although my report wasn't as positive as I would have liked, it was a definitely reflection of my mental state at the time and confirmed the reason for me seeking out help prior to the check in. "
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
“I'm doing well. I'm feeling more positive as the year winds down…I have found the Mental Check-in process helpful to gain a better sense of awareness. I'm generally quite self-aware and I know I get stressed pretty easily but it comes and goes. I believe I have sufficient ways of dealing with it for now. Thanks for taking the time to check in...”
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
The report was really helpful … it helped me validate & articulate some of the areas I am struggling with and now I want to focus on the causes and how I can address/ better manage them….I am ready to make change and thankful that I was involved in the check in - thank you    
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
“I'm already in the process of developing a mental health plan and have made some changes to try to improve my quality of life like reducing work hours, increasing exercise and practicing breathing exercises which I think have helped. I appreciate you getting in touch…”
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
“During a period of significant change at work, challenging life events, and not insignificant stresses at home/family I have felt a lower mood than before in my life. This survey also made me appreciate how strong I see myself when I look at things holistically."  
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
“It's an important questionnaire - thank you!”
“Good reflection opportunity thank you”
“I enjoyed completing this survey. It is a particularly stressful time for me and mental ill health has been on my it was good to take a few moments to consider the questions asked.”
“It was a good self-reflection on my personality, the way I think and behave.”
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
“The questions and themes were clear and made sense in the context of the purpose of the survey.”
“It was long and finding time to complete it was tough as i am managing a lot.”
“I would have liked the opportunity to provide some context around my life - for example kids, their ages, health etc as I think this drives a lot of my responses. (for example, my sleep is impacted as I have a newborn baby not because I struggle to sleep, so without that context you may make the wrong recommendations.)”
Feedback and Evaluation from ABMHC16
I am concerned about the relative lack of discussion in our communities about the influences and measures of mental wellbeing. I am participating as an ambassador in the hope that I can assist in rectifying this.
Mr Adrian Arundell
I personally delight in anything that works towards raising happy, healthy children who feel good, function well and ultimately do good for others. It is my great privilege to become an Ambassador for the Check-In, a project that will help us all do so much for our future.
Dr Kate Hadwen
This innovation addresses a significant community issue, while helping us all to be proactive in tracking and managing our own mental health.  I am honoured to be an Ambassador.
Ms Fiona Beermier
Mental health issues are treatable, and increasingly preventable.  I hope one day to tell my grandchildren of a time when mental health wasn’t always seen in the same way as asthma and diabetes, and physical health. If you have ever wanted to know exactly how you were really tracking, starting this Check-in is a big step in the right direction.
Ms Peta Slocombe
Leading an organisation that provides front line services, I see the impact on individuals and families as they often struggle to first understand what to do.  More importantly, I have seen lives flourish when people discuss their mental health when they get support from their families, friends, community and professionals, so I believe that “checking-in” is something we all should do.
Mr Mark Fitzpatrick

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