Our organisational clients are diverse. We work with clients in private, public and not for profit sectors, and across a range of industries, including Health, Legal, Engineering, Property, Immigration, Child Protection, and Social Services.

At any given time, these clients could be facing one or several of the following challenges;

  • Retaining their market leader position
  • Experiencing Rapid growth
  • Amalgamation with another organisation
  • Diversification in their business
  • Increased competition
  • Significant change in their industry, organisation or personally
  • Market contraction
  • Hiring the right people
  • Retaining and motivating their workforce

And, we have conversations with them about:

  • Leadership – personal and organisational
  • Psychological Health
  • Organisational Development and planning change to meet the uncertainty or change in the market/industry
  • High Performance including Individual, team and organisational
  • Profiling to find the best person to contribute to their team.
  • Building strong teams from the ground up
  • Interpersonal communication, conflict, performance management, collaboration and team work.


This is just a sample of who we work with, read on for what they say about us.

  • Brilliant – thank you so much! It’s fantastic working with a company like VC you know, everything has been so easy and VC are so responsive (and have fabulous people working there)

  • I would like to pass on my sincere appreciation for the mental health overview you provided to us all yesterday.  The discussion that was generated afterwards was amazing and everyone was saying how much they got out of it.  In fact, we all wished to have known some of your valuable insights earlier on in life as this issue has already touched most of us at some point – self, family, friends or colleagues.  I would highly recommend your presentation to others.

  • Just to say thanks for your presentation on the mental health awareness yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, and your subtle demonstration of your depth of knowledge. The mental health first aider is a great idea, and I personally knew of two WP colleagues who had taken their own lives over the years, who may have benefited in hindsight.

  • Everything is going very well. My team is performing well – probably the best performing team in the firm. I have clear KPI’s and I am on track to meet them. Most of this progress is as a result of working with you for a short period last year and I thank you for that!