Consulting Services

Vital Conversations have spent many years providing consultancy, coaching and training support to organisations in private, public and non-government sectors. We have a unique knowledge of the balance between high performance, staff wellbeing, and organisational culture.

Our inclusive, respectful and collaborative approach has assisted us to develop a strong reputation for achieving objectives in a manner that is a positive exciting and mobilizing time for organisations. Our Lead Consultants specialise in Psychology, Coaching, Organisational Development and Leadership, among others.  We work closely with our clients, providing knowledge and expertise ‘in the moment’ to generate real and effective strategies, specifically for each client’s needs.

Our model ensures we are agile, time and cost efficient – delivering best practice and high quality services without compromising on relationships and timeliness. We are known for having the conversations with clients that are often avoided, and tackling the real issues facing an organisation’s workforce.

Most commonly we support our clients through organisational change, to develop great leaders and/or build high performing teams. Scroll down for further information. For a confidential conversation, please call 9382 8274 or email



Coaching is an opportunity for individuals, leaders and emerging leaders at all levels to consider next steps in their performance.

An organisations’ coaching requirements are typically as diverse as the needs of their leadership team, managers and emerging leaders. Vital Conversations tailor each clients’ coaching program to their unique needs, ensuring efficient, goal focused and sustainable change.

Vital Conversations coaches have spent years observing, researching, consulting and publishing what brings out the best in people. Our work is based on expertise in understanding people, performance and behaviour. Vital Conversations team members demonstrate a strong knowledge base in all areas of coaching, as well as understanding the intrapsychic behavioural patterns through to the issues impacting organisational culture and performance.

Our uniqueness as an organisation is our tertiary training in psychology and coaching; our strong relationships and specialist areas, and yet our common quality control and brand. We are large enough to offer excellence in diversity, consistency and practice; and small enough to ensure we remain close to each individual’s needs.

The Vital Conversations philosophy;

  • Hire best in field coaches with robust education, professional
    development and experience. All our coaches are bound by ICF and/or APS Codes of Ethics (depending on membership). For the registered psychologists, they are also bound by AHPRA requirements for professional conduct.
  • Provide professional development opportunities and structured supervision for all coaches
  • Provide a central, modern, and professional offsite environment for client’s to safely step outside their comfort zone
  • A streamlined client experience, with seamless booking and client support through our dedicated administration team.

For a confidential conversation about coaching for yourself, your team or organisation, call 9382 8274 or email

Organisational change

Organisational change

Change is a constant, and organisations manage change every day. When the change is significant, a well managed change process provides the foundations for the workforce to develop new and more productive ways of working, let go of unhelpful working behaviours, and take a more proactive stance on their engagement in their roles.

Our combined experience in change management in government and non-government organisations provides us with the skills, agility and knowledge to navigate the change management process efficiently and effectively.

Our diverse range of practitioners are uniquely placed to work with clients holistically, recognizing the links between mentally health workplaces, high performing teams, a healthy culture and strong leadership.

Call to speak to a consultant on 9382 8274 or email for a confidential conversation.

Relocation Management Specialists

Relocation Management Specialists

For organisations moving to a new location, often the primary aim is to relocate with zero downtime or disruption to the business function, however a relocation is also an opportunity to shift or enhance organisational culture, workplace strategy and workplace behaviours.

Vital Conversation’s  organisational psychology team are highly regarded Relocation Management Specialists. Our reputation is built on successful outcomes for  large scale and complex, multifaceted relocation and organisational change projects in the government, private and not for profit sectors. 

We would be delighted to discuss your upcoming relocation on 08 9382 8274. Email our Organisational Development Manager, Melanie Fisher (, to discuss your project further.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

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High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams

A high performing team is more than just a group of highly skilled people who work in same company or are located together. A high performing team is a group of people who are interdependently linked, who must understand and utilize each other’s strengths, in order to set, support and deliver the organisation’s goals and vision.

Our team has many years of working with high performing teams and those in periods of transition seeking to become high performing. We do this through a combination of psychometrics, training, interview and individual and team coaching, and each of our engagements are designed to provide efficient, measurable and sustainable outcomes.

For this reason we have become a team of choice for private, public and not for profit organisations with their Executive, Board and leadership teams.

Our customised program enables us to provide a “google earth” pin as to exactly how the team is likely to best utilise its potential to achieve strategic directives, set culture, attract and retain staff and analyse behaviours under stress. Our team of Psychologists, Consultants and Coaches are experienced in difficult conversations, managing conflict, and implementing a solution focused strategy for moving forwards. Most commonly our program will achieve the following objectives;

  • Increase insight of individual team members regarding their own personality profiles and the impact on their behaviours in the workplace.
  • Gather interview assessment data with each team member regarding contributing factors, and the propensity and motivation of each team member to change.
  • Deliver a strong analytic on the collective impact of the teams’ preferences and behaviours.
  • Provide individual and team coaching plans and a comprehensive report of strategies undertaken.

The outcome is the enhancement or development of an integral team in the organisation. This team can use its collective knowledge, strengths and skills to meet the challenges facing the organisation, aligned with the organisation’s vision, values and goals.

For a confidential conversation about your team or organisation, call 9382 8274 or email