Psychological Health

Psychological Health is complex. The Vital team believe people deserve much greater things than the absence of mental ill health. A sense of wellbeing, better relationships with ourselves and others, good quality sleep, concentration and productivity are a few of the many positives associated with psychological health.

Vital Conversations in Psychological Health

For organisations, taking action on psychological health, will help to reduce their chance of contributing to the annual $10.8B cost of mental ill health in Australia. Having a psychologically healthy workplace not only mitigate risk, but also build a productive and engaged workforce – it’s good for business.

For the many individuals who come to see us, psychological health is their ultimate goal. It’s more than just getting better, it’s about finding ways to thrive. Our team of Psychologists partner with clients to develop strong relationships, understand their unique goals, use the most up-to-date strategies, and provide them with the most effective service.

Our purpose is to provide access for our clients to the most up-to-date, relevant and effective tools to measure and build psychological health. We are proud to partner with several organisations in delivering holistic health services, and ground breaking research.

Read on for further details about our programs, private health rebates, medicare rebates and Information for GPs.

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Executive Psychology Service

For Executives, psychological wellbeing and high performance is a necessity.  A focus on the organization, clients, teams and family can leave little time to improve our own functioning and wellbeing.

Vital Conversations have developed the best clinical, organizational and leadership coaches and Psychologists in Perth in a state of the art, high responsive Executive Psychology Service.  We know that the earlier that stress, poor concentration, anxiety, low mood, or professional challenges as addressed, the better the outcome.

We consult in and out of office hours, by phone, skype and email, and offer a focus on proactive, preventative and post-ventative psychological health and wellbeing. Through screening, interview and debriefing with your goals in mind, we provide strategies for personal, Board, leadership and relationship challenges.  Some of the world’s most advanced profiling tools also assist us to reduce the impacts of difficulties on physical health, relationships, quality of sleep and productivity.

In one place, you can access some or even all of the following services, tailored to your needs;

  • Psychological Health Check
  • Resilience Programs
  • Leadership Profiling
  • Executive Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Depression, Anxiety & Stress Management Risk Screening & Treatment

At Vital Conversations, we’ve been successfully working with Executives and their teams for years. The Executive Psychology Service is our response to the market’s request for faster, easier, more comprehensive yet flexible access to psychological services, catered to the unique requirements of Executives.

Our team would be delighted at the opportunity to understand your needs. For more information – 9382 8274 or[/vc_column_text]

Your online Psychological Health Check


Low cost, online assessment taken privately and confidentially which;

  1. Provides personalised, easy to understand insights into psychological health – an individual Google earth pin on where we are
  2. Assists with customised strategies to support prevention, early intervention, and high performance in psychological health
  3. Creates a map for readers to navigate towards their organisation’s psychological wellbeing.

VitalPulse puts data and insight behind psychological health. If we know where we are, we can figure out where we are going.

For your own insights, or insights for your team – we would love to hear from you. +61 08 9382 8274 or

Mental Health Care Plan

Mental Health Care Plan

Clients referred to us by their GP on a Mental Health Care Plan are eligible for a Medicare rebate. Bring your referral with you to your first appointment. We will ensure the correct Medicare codes are listed on your invoice, ready to claim. You will need your Vital Conversations invoice to visit Medicare to claim your rebates.

The rebates vary, so please call us to confirm your rebate amount.

Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

Depending on your level of cover you may be able to claim our services through your private health care provider. If you do not have a Mental Health Care Plan and would like to claim through your insurer please inform us at the time of your appointment.

Information for General Practitioners

Information for General Practitioners

Thank you for taking the time to visit Vital Conversations.

We know that a close working relationship with our referring practitioners is integral to a positive outcome for your patients. We are proud of our reputation for clinical excellence, responsiveness and partnership with our referring Doctors.

We invite you to explore our clinical philosophy;

At Vital Conversations, it is important to us that your patients receive the most respectful, professional and efficient service that allows them to get on with living their lives as they would wish to live them.

Vital Conversations is an organisation with over 65 years combined experience providing specialist psychological services.

It has always been our objective that Vital Conversations be known for clinical excellence. We understand that all clients engage with different levels of insight, experience and clarity about what they want from the process.

In our modern, professional and purpose built offices, your patients are able to chose from a multi-disciplinary team of registered psychologists to work with.

We provide consistent services, and our professionally supervised team members work closely with each other to generate case discussions. This helps us maximise outcomes for clients with more than one head working with challenging cases.

All of these services are designed to provide the highest level of support to your patients with minimal wait times and maximum outcomes.

It would be a pleasure to talk with yourself and practice staff about any of our services or to provide consultation in any way that may be helpful.

Please call +61 08 9382 8274 or email to find out more about our services or team.