Executive Psychology Service

For Executives, psychological wellbeing and high performance is a necessity.  A focus on the organization, clients, teams and family can leave little time to improve our own functioning and wellbeing.

Vital Conversations have developed the best clinical, organizational and leadership coaches and Psychologists in Perth in a state of the art, high responsive Executive Psychology Service.  We know that the earlier that stress, poor concentration, anxiety, low mood, or professional challenges as addressed, the better the outcome.

We consult in and out of office hours, by phone, skype and email, and offer a focus on proactive, preventative and post-ventative psychological health and wellbeing. Through screening, interview and debriefing with your goals in mind, we provide strategies for personal, Board, leadership and relationship challenges.  Some of the world’s most advanced profiling tools also assist us to reduce the impacts of difficulties on physical health, relationships, quality of sleep and productivity.

In one place, you can access some or even all of the following services, tailored to your needs;

  • Psychological Health Check
  • Resilience Programs
  • Leadership Profiling
  • Executive Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Depression, Anxiety & Stress Management Risk Screening & Treatment

At Vital Conversations, we’ve been successfully working with Executives and their teams for years. The Executive Psychology Service is our response to the market’s request for faster, easier, more comprehensive yet flexible access to psychological services, catered to the unique requirements of Executives.

Our team would be delighted at the opportunity to understand your needs. For more information – 9382 8274 or info@vitalconversations.com.au