We’ve all heard organisations use the term: “People are our greatest resource.”

At Vital Conversations, we couldn’t agree more.

Whether you are recruiting, forming a new project team or developing leadership capability, understanding personality is vital to predicting performance.

An employee’s interpersonal style, key drivers and behaviours under stress are far more critical to success than experience, qualifications, CV or interview performance.  Mistakes are typically costly and time consuming.  According to a recent survey of 6000 recruiters, a bad hire can cost an organization upwards of $25 000, with 25% saying a bad hire will cost in excess of $50 000. That’s not including lost productivity, impact on reputation with customers, and on the team. *2014 Fast Company survey

Profiling for recruitment will identify;

  • The applicants strengths and behaviours under stress
  • The quality of work the applicant is capable of
  • How effectively will they be able to work with all levels of the organisation
  • The motivations and drivers they will bring to the role
  • How they perceive deadlines, change and capacity for agility

Profiling for Development will:

  • Fast track the development process, including onboarding
  • Review key strengths, values and development opportunities.
  • The Hogan profile is used by leaders in 75% of the world’s top 100 performing organisations and provides a development tool that is considered to be a more powerful ROI than 3-5 day leadership courses.

The Vital Conversations team understand that you know your business and its needs best, and we know ours. We have combined years of Coaching, Consultancy, Managing Performance, and training to assist in selection, development and high performance.

We can profile:

Personality Ÿ Thinking Styles Ÿ Behaviours Under Stress

Emotional Intelligence Ÿ Conflict Styles Ÿ 360 Feedback

Leadership Development Ÿ Emerging leaders

We use:

Hogan Insights: Personality, Drivers & “Development areas; Emotional Intelligence; Team Report; 360 Feedback; Culture survey, Judgment Report.
Hogan Insight HDS Sample
Hogan Insight HPI Sample
Hogan Insight MVPI Sample
Hogan Judgement Report Sample

Human Synergistics: LSI1 and LSI2; Organisational Culture Inventory; Organisational Effectiveness



DISC: DiSC for Workplace, Managers and Leaders



Other: HBDI, EQi2, High Performing Teams Report