Introducing VitalPulse

Confidential, proven, personal online psychological health assessment

Imagine – what would it be like if you could understand your own mental health and well being? What if you were  provided with clear directions on what do to help develop psychological wellness, from the privacy and comfort of your personal computer?

This comprehensive, confidential and professionally developed assessment is born from over 20 years of clinical psychological practice and a desire to build awareness of psychological health for the broader population, before a pathology presents.  The assessment is based on a deep understanding of the key elements of developing and maintaining psychological wellbeing. VitalPulse is an accurate, rigorous and insightful assessment of your psychological wellbeing. Your personal report will arrive with customised tips, contacts and next steps for continuing your journey of psychological health.

Suitable for individuals on their journey to psychological health and high performance, and a profound insight for organisations into the mental health and well being of their workforce. With a priority on personal accountability, and support for high risk clients – organisations can feel confident that they have targeted strategies the workforce need – increasing the average 2.3 ROI exponentially.

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