Getting Ready to Move to “The Quarter”

This page was developed by the Agency Move Team (administered by Vital Conversations)

Paper Cuts


Have you reached your reduction target of 50%?

Agency Move Team representatives are leading the charge to cut the amount of stored paper, documents and files before the move. To help meet your targets, here are some questions to challenge the way you think about, and work with, paper:

  • What percentage of your information is ‘core’ documentation, i.e. needs to be kept as a hard copy?
  • If it is infrequently used can it be stored off-site?
  • Can training materials be accessed online or scanned?
  • If it is already stored electronically, do you need a hard copy file?
  • What impact does your current document management system and process have on your paper storage and what will it be in the new facility?
  • Do you have standard practices or do people have their own filing system?
  • What impact do your current work habits have on your paper storage, e.g. are invoices received/sent electronically, are Minutes/Agendas printed or displayed electronically?
  • What works with your current document management system? What could work better? What gets in the way of you using less paper?

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